Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finished with MFW Creation.

We have just finished with our introduction to MFW. We did Creation and used Catholic Heritage Curricula's "God's Love Story" to supplement in our reading. The kids LOVED it! It was great fun for them due to all the cutting and pasting that they got to do. In the end, we created a nice little book describing all the wonderful things that God created.

This means that beginning on Monday, we will be starting with Lesson 1 of MFW. I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure that the kids will love it just as much as they did the Creation unit. We are still doing Saxon math along with all our other curriculum choices for phonics, handwriting, and enrichment.

Isabella began Saxon K and she is moving through it at a faster pace than I expected. I do anticipate her slowing down once we get into more difficult material, however. She also began Phonics Pathways and has surprised me with how well she is blending her sounds. She has been able to read some 3 letter words now without my assistance, so I thought it was a good time to start her on the program. Overall, she is really enjoying finally being able to do "school" with big brother!

Marco is also happy to have a new partner during his school hours. We have set up a file folder system where he picks something while I do one-on-one with Isabella. This past week he worked on his doubles and plus one facts. He is finally slowing down during his math, but I also anticipated that happening. As for everything else, he seems to be enjoying our time working together as a family and has even volunteered to help Isabella learn to read. It's really cute to see them together and reviewing all the sounds and blends!

I suppose having siblings be so close is a great advantage to homeschooling and I'm loving it!

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