Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Pup?

We are finally settling into the routine of being back to school. Co-op started this past Monday and it was great. The kids were so excited to be back! It was a great first day and I was happy to see all the kids and my friends!

Of course, things are never dull around here with school, co-op, a new baby and just our daily routines. But I decided to throw in a little curve ball this past week. We are fostering a dog!! I know it's crazy of me to even think of adding a dog to a family of 8, but I couldn't justify not allowing my kids to get a pet. After all, I have very fond memories of growing up with pets myself.

So enters Sierra. This little pup is a year old and the sweetest thing. We actually weren't planning on adopting a dog just yet. We were waiting to see if we could swing buying a nice poodle mix so that I wouldn't have to add vacuuming dog hair to my list of chores. But as I took Anthony on a mother-son lunch date, we decided to stop by the humane society just to look at the puppies. And there was Sierra. More timid that my own little Anthony (he's a shy one!), but just so sweet. We fell in love with her! Now we are fostering her for a week or so to see how she adjusts to living with our family and how our family adjusts to having her around. So far, things are going great!

Yea...she sheds. She's not a designer dog. But the kids love her! I'll have to let you know if we decide to go through with an adoption and having her become one of the family!

She was so shy at the shelter. She was almost afraid to be pet.

As soon as we got home, she opened up. She loves the kids and is excellent with them! She is not one bit shy anymore!!

With 6 kids, she gets plenty of attention. Here she is taking a nap after a long walk.


ttttt said...

Wow Liz, you have such a big heart. We adopted another dog this summer while looking for our beloved Olive(also have 2 parakeets and a fiesty cat). Our new dog Molly is amazing. They definetely require more work and patience but the reward is so HUGE. Sierra is beautiful. I personally can't imagine not growing up without animals. I really hope it works out.

Erica said...

Sorry that was me who left the first comment. Not sure why the name did not show up. Good Luck with Sierra. Also looking forward to more school posts. We use Angelicum also and love it.

Liz said...

Erica, glad you are loving Angelicum! So far it's going well this year. And wow for how many pets you have!!! The dog is still shy around my husband, so if she doesn't warm up to him I think we might not keep her. He is such a dog lover that we couldn't have a dog that wouldn't interact with him!

Erica said...

Hi again Liz, has your husband tried taking her away from the house to a park just to throw the ball around or maybe a frisbee (sometimes it takes awhile to see what they like to play with). Just the two of them for walks as well. Rides in the car/truck to the local pet store/hardware store together. Give the two of them some bonding time. Just a few thoughts. How is sweet baby Evangeline doing? Take Care.

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