Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Get Ready For Some Books! Angelicum Sale.

If you are planning on enrolling with Angelicum Academy or just purchasing their lesson plans books...now is the time to do it! They have their summer sale going on until July 5th.

We decided not to enroll this year and will just be purchasing all the lesson plans that we need for the kids. Perhaps when Marco is older and we feel it more necessary to have grading services and support, we'll enroll him again.

For now, I'm getting all our lesson plans in order, our books ordered, and new school materials organized. It's something that I'm sure will take a while to accomplish.


Michelle said...

Our new lesson plans should be here today! I'm so excited to start going through them.

We did enroll Henry this year, even though we don't plan on using the grading service. At the preschool level, it costs less to purchase the enrollment than it does to buy all the lesson plans!

Liz said...

I agree in enrolling for cost purposes for the younger kids. I'm excited to get all the planning started! We are mostly done with school, although we school year-round with things like math, reading, and all the core subjects.

Have fun!!

jafoley25@comcast.net said...

Hi, I'm interested in A Academy, but I was wondering how their customer service was for you? Your oldest will be in 4th grade? Do you pay for their lessons plans and order the books where they recommend? I'm expecting my fifth baby in winter and will also have an 18 month old...I do a lot of sitting with my 2,4, and 6th grader now and want more of an independent curriculum? What do you thing? I'd appreciate any ideas.

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