Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today marks the beginning of Lent! I've actually been really excited to start this season, which has been the case more and more each year. The reason for this is that every year my kids get older, their understanding increases, and they are more fully able to participate! It's really wonderful to be able to celebrate Lent as a family with mostly understanding persons (as opposed to celebrating Lent as a family of mom & dad with a couple of toddlers who don't know the difference between wearing diapers and wearing underwear!).

We started the day with our usual morning prayers/offerings. But we added a few more things into our religion. We started our Lenten learning with "The Reading of the Strips"...or at least that's what one of the kids yelled out when I told them to gather around the table so that I can read all the Lenten Deed tickets to them. "Guys!!!! Mom's gonna do the reading of the strips!!!"

Now our Lenten Deed jar is full and the kids are all itching to see what deed they get to work on for the week. "Can we switch tickets if we don't like what we get?" NO!!!

Another fun addition to our day today was the beginning of our Lent Lapbook from Lapbooks for Catholics. We worked on the cover and the kids were coloring and cutting while I read to them the history of Lent and asked them questions. We'll be working on the lapbook for another week or so and then I'm planning on taking it out during our religion time to review from it.

Of course, Isabella will be working on 2 different faith lapbooks. This past Sunday, she had her Sacramental Prep class and they went over the things we see in church. This was perfect since she is currently working on "The Things We See in Church" lapbook from Lapbooks for Catholics. It's so much fun to be able to do all these fun and educational things with the kids!

But what about the littlest members of our Catholic crew? Well, lets just say that they have plenty on their minds to keep them busy. Ummm....yea. That's little Jimmy with a box on his head. He was pretty adamant about putting it on and walking around. The kids and I got a good laugh from it!

And let's not forget about our little school room altar. Our Father Nick just got a change of vestments to go with the season! And you'll notice that we have yet to change the color of our tablecloth. I know I put that purple "altar cloth" somewhere!!


Laura O in AK said...

Okay, Liz, where did you get Father Nick? I love that idea for a home altar with a priest who's vestments change with the season.

Also, I'm going to be sharing about your Lenten printables on my blog tomorrow morning. But, for now, I need to download them to my computer for printing. I don't know how my boys will enjoy the slips, but I LOVE the idea.

Liz said...

Father Nick is a printout from our Teacher's Helper CD's from Nippert Catholic Artworks. They have awesome stuff, although their shipping and customer service is not the best (they take my case 6 months) to deliver your goods. I usually load up on their stuff at Catholic homeschool conferences.

Good luck using the slips in your home. My kids are surprisingly looking forward to them...but I'm sure the novelty will wear off. :)


Our Village is a Little Different said...

Thanks for your great ideas. I found your blog through Laura O's post. Now I'm following.

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