Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Little Saint Patrick Coloring Page.

I spent the weekend mostly sick in bed, reading and doodling to pass the time. I had a stack of picture books that I read to the kids too. I came across our copy of St. Patrick's Day by Gail Gibbons and thought her illustrations of the saint were lovely. I do love and own so many of her books!

So I got my pencil out and made a free-hand copy of St. Patrick from her book. I changed some of the details to make him look more "Catholic" (as in I added crosses to his vestment). The kids love how it came out and I was surprised that it came out so cute as well!

So if you want to print out a copy for yourself or your kids to color, here is the link!

St. Patrick Coloring Page


Mary M said...

Thanks -saw it on Pinterest. Very cute version. I really like Gail Gibbons books in general and appreciate you Catholic-ing it up. (wink)

Mrs. Skojec said...

This is lovely! I will use a version in my classes at school. It's hard to find a nice picture of St. Patrick. Thanks!


Liz said...

Glad you like it and are able to use it!!


Xhonane Olivas said...

Liz you did a superb job!! I just printed it for my children and I will share it in my blog next time I write about St Patrick, thanks!!!

Raising {& Teaching} Little Saints said...

Liz, this is beautiful! You should make some more!!! :) Thanks for sharing it!

Jamie said...

I love this; thank you! This is what my daughter and I will color today after her nap. :-D

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